About us

Founded in June of 2012 and based in Pune, India, New Age Nutrition is a company serving the need for nutrition of people. The idea came to a reality when we saw many people want access to highly nutritive food but either have little knowledge or the availablity itself is an issue. The aim has been to find the best superfoods available to human kind which are grown naturally and void of any harmful chemicals. 

New Age Nutrition aims to bring these super-foods easily accessible and also educate the people about the health benefits which can be reaped from having spirulina regularly.

New Age Nutrition identified Spirulina as one product which could be definitely improvise the nutrition content of our daily intake and has been trying inventive ways in form of receipes apart from capsules, powders to consume spirulina


Ashish Tiwari

IIT Bombay grad who worked in software and finance startups and realized that human body needs good nutrition to work efficiently without burn outs. He started understanding how cultures modified their diets owning to changing surrounding and bodily needs which brought a close correlation between health and nutrition. He along with other cofounders explored best places to grow spirulina and have set up some farms to produce best quality spirulina naturally.

Pankaj Pandekar

IIT Bombay grad, also classmate with Ashish, with interest in trading and electronics- which comes from his vast experience at INTEL. Along with Ashish, he had been a foodie who explored vast number of cuisines and being avid player also needs to cater to body health. The contents of spirulina and that it can be grown, instilled Pankaj and along with Ashish, he started the firm New Age Nutrition to produce spirulina. 

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